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LED High bay light 120W, M / N: HBL-Watt-120WLED High bay light 120W, M / N: HBL-Watt-120WLED High bay light 120W, M / N: HBL-Watt-120W

LED High bay light 120W, M / N: HBL-Watt-120W

  • 1.Model NO:. FL-Watt-120W
  • 2.Power: 120W
  • 3.Input Voltage: 100-240V
  • 4.Delivered Lumens: 12000Lm
  • 5.IP Rating: IP65
  • 6.Beam Angle: 25 ° / 60 ° / 90 °
  • 7.Luminous Efficiency: 100Lm / W


Model NO.


Luminous Efficiency

 100Lm / W



Color Rendering Index


Input Voltage


Beam Angle

 25 ° / 60 ° / 90 °

Power Fact



 Ф374 * 459mm

Delivered Lumens




Color of Body





 3 years

Packing Dimension

 455 * 455 * 510mm

QTY / Cartons

 1 Pcs



Lumination Specification

led flood light 100W 
25 ° Reflector

Light Distribution Curve

led flood light 100w Average Beam Angle(50%): 27.4 °

Average illuminance Curve
       Flux Out: 2445lm
100w led flood lightHeight Eavg,      Emax Angle: 26.78°       Diameter
100W led flood light
60 ° Reflector

Light Distribution Curve

led flood lights  Average Beam Angle(50%): 59.9°

Average illuminance Curve
       Flux Out: 5449lm
led flood light 100w manufacturer
 Height Eavg, Emax Angle: 50.65°       Diameter
led flood light manufacturer
 90° Reflector

Light Distribution Curve

100w led floodlight  Average Beam Angle(50%): 82.9 °

Average illuminance Curve
       Flux Out: 6538lm
led floodlight 100w Height Eavg,     Emax Angle: 74.57°       Diameter


1.Four core patent technology: HDT, FIN fastening, zipped-fins, Seamless fitting, 
great performance in heat dissipation. 
2.Modular design, diverse power arrange, a full product series.
3.IP 65 rated, excellent corrosion resistance, suitable for wet and harsh environment.
4.Energy saving rate up to 50%, long lifetime, easy to install, easy to fix.
5.Widely used in airport, football court, building, stadium, racket court, factory, storage room, 
parking lot, exhibition building, gymnasium, gas station and other places.
6.3 years warranty, great after-sales service. 
7.A full range product series: 100W, 120W, 150W, 200W, 300W, 400W, 500W.

Dimension and Packing

led high bay light 100w

               led high bay lights

Detail Show

led flood light 100w Patent Heat Dissipation Technology
Heat pipes closely joint PCB with max area, maximize the capacity of heat pipes, highly increase heat conduction effection.

Patent Fin-Buckle Technology
Fins keep same distance between each other and buckle tightly as a whole. Strengthen firmness of fins, maximize heat-dissipate area with minimum wieight.

3D Heat Dissipation
Convection holes distribute in parallel and opposite direction in every fin, form efficient 3D air flow convection channel, speed up to take away the heat.
Patent Zipped-fins Technology
Fins insert into heat conducting plate tightly. Maximally lower thermal resistance, no need electroplating, elegant and eco-friendly.

Electrophoresis process
200 hours salt and atmosphere testing, excellent anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance, suitable for harsh outdoor environment.

Respitator design
Balance different pressure 
between the atmosphere and 
the shell.Water-proof defog, avoid the drop condensation,
reduce the inside andsalt corrosion extend the product lifespan.

100w led high bay light

Water-proof conector        Safe, reliable, water-proof conector, can achieve IP65,meeting the requirement for harsh and tough environment.

Silicon rubber sealing
By using silicon rubber sealing, protection rate of the silicon ring can achieve IP65. Anti-high temperature, anti-corrosive.

Thermal Imaging

led high bay light manufacturer

Temperature test report of finished product



Test point

T ()

Input voltage

220V, 50Hz

LED lamp base


Power factor:




Test of time:

3 hours

Fin shell


Environment Temp.


Power cover


China Electronics Shenzhen Company


Contact Person:Ivy

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