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LED High Bay Light 150W, M/N: HBL-Nobel-150WLED High Bay Light 150W, M/N: HBL-Nobel-150WLED High Bay Light 150W, M/N: HBL-Nobel-150W

LED High Bay Light 150W, M/N: HBL-Nobel-150W

  • 1.Model NO.:HBL-Nobel-150W
  • 2.Power:150W
  • 3.Input Voltage:100-240V
  • 4.Delivered Lumens:15000Lm
  • 5.CRI:>80
  • 6.Beam Angle:60°/90°/110°
  • 7.Luminous Efficiency:100Lm/W


Model NO.


Luminous Efficiency




Color Rendering Index


Input Voltage


Beam Angle


Power Fact




Delivered Lumens




Color of Body





 3 years

Packing Dimension



 4 Pcs



Lumination Specification

 led high bay light 80W
110° Reflector

Light Distribution Curve

 industry high bay light 150W

 Average Beam Angle(50%): 111.4°

Average illuminance Curve

Flux Out: 10679Lm

LED high bay warehouse light 150W

Height  Eavg,Emax    Angle: 104.54°       Diameter


1.Pure copper heatpipes: four pure copper heatpipes can transfer heat from light source
to fins quickly.
2.Patent HDT technology:high efficient heatpipes contact the heat source directly,
maximize the performance of the heatpipe to reach the cooling effect.
3.3D heat dissipation:professional heat dissipation structure design. Modular inside
airflow channels maxim the 3D heat dissipation.
4.Multiple choices of beam angle reflector:60°/90°/110°,can meet the different
requirements of light distribution.
5.3 years warranty, great after-sales service.
6.A full range product series: 60W,80W,100W,150W,200W,300W.

Dimension and Packing

led high bay light 150W
led high bay light 150W

Detail Show

led high bay light 150W

Scale style reflector
With anodizing and polishing, high purity aluminium reflectors minimize the glazing as well as optimize the lighting performance. 

Closed design lampshade
Transparent PC lampshade with high transparency, fire resistant, anti-friction, oxidation resistance; equipped with silicone gaskets to prevent dustintrusion.

Protection surface treatment
The whole structure has been treated with protection technology and undergone a 500-hour salt spray test, which boasts outstanding resistance to corrosion and rust and is thus adaptable to harsh outdoor environment.

Built-in power supply design
Integral interior power driver design is good at small size, which makes the whole lamp look more harmonious and beautiful. You can choose a suitable one to your requirement.

led high bay light 150W

Aluminium hook with wire ropes
Use aluminium hook and wire ropes to install, high strength,flexible,light weight,safe and stable.

Modular radiator
Fashionable light module heat sink design,  light and balanced for maximum cooling area, create a great dissipation efficiency.

Multiple beam angles reflector
Multiple choices for reflectors:  60°/90°/110°,meet the requirement of professional light distribution and can be used in different places.

led high bay light 150W

Patent Heat Dissipation Technology
The fins coupled into the the base of the heat sink tightly. Minimize the heat transfer resistance.

Compressed Fins Technology
Rivet the heatpipe to heatsink body closely, minimize the heat resistance, greatly improve the heat dissipation effect, much lighter compared with similar products.

3D heat dissipation design
Convection holes distributed on each fins allowing parallel direction airflow to maximize the cooling effect.

Thermal Imaging

led high bay light 150W

Temperature test report of finished product



Test point


Input voltage

220V, 50Hz

LED lamp base


Power factor:




Environment Temp.


Fin shell


Reflector Temp.


Power cover


As a famous LED lighting brand, CES was registered in 1980. It’s one of the trust worth LED High bay light manufacturers in China.

If  you want to buy 150W high bay light, industry high bay light 150W, LED high bay warehouse light 150W from China, CES is your

Best choice. We have 35 years experience in this industry.

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