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LED Flood light 10W,  M/N: FL-Volta-10WLED Flood light 10W,  M/N: FL-Volta-10WLED Flood light 10W,  M/N: FL-Volta-10W

LED Flood light 10W, M/N: FL-Volta-10W

  • 1.Model NO:. FL-Volta-10W
  • 2.Power: 10W
  • 3.Input Voltage: 100-240V
  • 4.Delivered Lumens: 850LM
  • 5.IP Rating: IP65
  • 6.Beam Angle: 120°
  • 7.Working Lifetime:> 50000hours


Model NO.


Luminous Efficiency




Color Rendering Index


Input Voltage


Beam Angle


Power Fact

> 0.9



Delivered Lumens




Color of Body





 3 years

Packing Dimension


QTY / Cartons

40 Pcs



Lumination Specification

led flood light 10Wled flood light 10W                       


1.By using the most powerful and efficient flood light heatsink, the lamp can work up to 
50000 hours, save up to 80% energy, have better lighting characteristics than traditional 
metal halide lamp of 20W. 
2.The entire housing coated by electrophoretic pait, excellent corrosion resistance, 
solid in structure, easy to install.
3.High delivered lumens and high luminous efficiency.
4.IP65, suitable for wet and harsh environment; 3 years warranty, great after-sales service.
5.A full product series:10W, 20W, 30W, 50W, 70W, 80W, 100W, 120W, 150W, 200W.

Dimension and Packing

led flood light 10w

10w led flood light

Detail Show

led flood light 10w

Tempered glass panel

4mm tempered glass panel safely protect the lighting source and the transparent rate is up to 93%.

Pure aluminium reflector
The reflector is made of pure aluminium (99.8%), anti-oxidation and unfading in color, ensuring the reflection.

Wide angle for adjustment
With multiple adjustment points, the adjustment angle can be up to 180°.

10w led flood lightʱ

Patent zipped-fins technology
With zipped-fins technology, the convection airflow is evenly distributed in the cooling fins, optimizing the cooling effect.

Gear slotting fin technology
The fins couple into the base of the heatsink tightly,minimize the heat transfer resistance.

Stainless steel parts
Edurancing the corrosion of air, water, chemical acid, alkaline, salt and other materials, can be used in all kinds of harsh conditions for long term.
Edurancing the corrosion of air, water, chemical acid, alkaline, salt and other materials, can be used in all kinds of harsh conditions for long term.

Respitator design
Balance different pressure 
between the atmosphere and 
the shell.Water-proof defog, avoid the drop condensation,
reduce the inside andsalt corrosion extend the product lifespan.

Silicon rubber sealing
By using silicon rubber sealing, protection rate of the silicon ring can achieve IP65. Anti-high temperature, anti-corrosive.

Water-proof conector
Safe, reliable, stainless steel water-proof conector, can achieve IP65,meeting the requirement for harsh and tough environment.

Thermal Imaging

led flood light supplier

Temperature test report of finished product



Test point

T (℃)

Input voltage

220V, 50Hz

LED lamp base


Power factor:




Test of time:

3 hours

Fin shell


Environment Temp.


Power cover


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