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Huge Market Potential! Pakistan's Annual Consumption of 14.2 Billion Lighting

  • Author:Maggie
  • Source:CES
  • Release on :2016-02-23

According to Pakistan, "Daily Times" Feb 18 reported that due to severe power shortage in Pakistan, Pakistan spent about $ 2.3 billion per year (about 14.269 billion yuan) for candles and other lighting products. A member of the World Bank Group International Finance Corporation (IFC) project initiated by Pakistan Lighting (Lighting Pakistan Programme), plans to 2018 to provide solar lighting and LED lighting to 1.5 million Pakistanis.

IFC study recommends solar power producers to enter Pakistan. Pakistan is huge and untapped market, only 4% of households use solar power, 3% of households use LED lighting, the market value of over one billion US dollars (about 6.02 billion yuan). To provide high-quality, low-cost solar power generation device manufacturers, Pakistan has tremendous growth opportunities, especially for the first person. Examples in the study, launched in Afghanistan after the 2007 IFC lighting plan, which the solar lighting market annual growth rate of 300% per year to 770 million solar lighting, its large LED lighting market growth rate of 70%, the market potential is gradually expanding.

The main problems include a lack of consumer awareness Pakistan, limited the supply chain, the most important is the lack of spending power, because of the high price of solar power installations, LED lighting is largely to cheap LED bulbs based. Pakistan lighting project will endeavor to solve these problems.