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How Is The Brazil's Semiconductor Lighting Market?

  • Author:Maggie
  • Source:CES
  • Release on :2017-03-01

BRICS is an important emerging market, showing explosive growth trend in 2014, the BRIC countries opposed to the traditional market, trade barriers are relatively small, with the United States, Japan, Europe and the export threshold rising, increasing competition , domestic enterprises have begun to increase investment in emerging markets.

As Brazil, "BRIC Five" one of the last few years due to the adjustment of national policy, economic development momentum was gradually rising trend. At the same time, Brazil is South America's largest energy consumer, since the 1980s, the Brazilian government and the relevant associations and other organizations to develop and implement a series of policies and measures on energy efficiency, encouraging producers and consumers to produce and purchase energy-efficient energy-saving products to reduce the rapid economic development of the impact on society and the environment and destruction. Among them, Brazil's national plan includes energy-saving power by reducing the residential, commercial, public service establishments, industrial electricity to energy conservation, encourage the development and use of efficient lighting products, with the local power company jointly conduct public lighting renovation project, out of inefficient lighting lighting; and power companies through co-financing of demonstration projects, energy audits and publicity activities to promote energy-saving lamps and LED products.
In the promotion of efficient lighting products, the Brazilian National Power Authority, Brazil Standards Authority and the manufacturer jointly implemented a series of light bulb replacement program, as part of the amount allocated from the budget in order to reduce subsidies to energy-saving lamps and LED products price; regulations that will completely ban incandescent June 2016, to promote LED bulbs, lighting market in 2016, Brazil is expected to reach $ 4.72 billion, of which LED will reach 50% market share, thus LED lamps in Brazil consumption growth rate will reach 46.7% (2013- 2016).

As the 2014 World Cup host country, the 2016 Olympic Games, the output will exceed one trillion US dollars of market opportunities. 2016 Olympic Games will greatly promote the development of Brazil hotels, Olympic Village, tourist facilities and urban transformation projects. China has become Brazil's largest LED importing country, more than 60% of its total imports, Brazil's dependence on imports of Chinese lighting gradually increases. Overall, the Brazilian market has "great potential, policy support, technical progress" external opportunities for China's semiconductor lighting industry is concerned. However, despite the great potential of the Brazilian market, but the market is difficult to develop high.

In fact, the domestic semiconductor lighting and Brazil have maintained constant exchanges and reciprocal cooperation, in which Brazil is a member of the "BRIC National Semiconductor Lighting Cooperation Working Group" International Semiconductor Lighting Alliance (ISA), CSA in - Pakistan Products standards, testing and certification to promote cooperation. Support domestic competent technical agencies to go out and help Brazil to establish standards, testing and certification system, improve the export capacity of our products and the like.

In this context, the international semiconductor lighting Union (ISA) and the Brazilian Association of Importers of Lighting Products (ABILUMI: Brazilian Association of the Lighting Products importers) organized by the Brazilian Association of Importers of lighting products secretariat hosted "ISA- Brazilian international semiconductor lighting Forum "will be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil June 27, 2016.

The Forum will focus on the global status of China's semiconductor lighting and the development of the latest technology, the latest products and cooperative mode, etc., and the concern is that the forum will invite all members of the Brazilian Association of Importers of lighting products (covering a total of 38 companies in Brazil lighting import more than 50% of the market); the Brazilian government departments (development, industry and Trade, Ministry of Science, Mines and Energy, development banks, research and investment funds, national Research Council, etc.); semiconductor lighting BRICS members of the working group ; ISA members attended.

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