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China Intelligent Lighting 2016 Tendency

  • Author:Maggie
  • Source:CES Lighting
  • Release on :2016-02-13

From fire to tungsten lamp, tungsten lamp, then from the gas discharge to the LED, three technical changes are luminous efficiencies. The LED also features not only luminous efficiency, as a result of the impact of cross-border integration of technology innovation, LED technological change is far from over, the wisdom of the lighting market opening will bring unprecedented impact on the lighting market. Then the current Chinese intelligent lighting in what state?
      1) China house lighting dimmer toned rising demand very quickly. But is it a smart lighting? Truly intelligent lighting rigid demand has not yet developed.

2) Intelligent lighting products more expensive, whether Philips hue or millet yeelight even the United States intelligence products sold in supermarkets.

3) The use of intelligent lighting is too complex, the overall technical solution is not mature, the user experience is not good.
      4) Intelligent lighting challenges faced
      a. Standards are not uniform, including among other hardware, platform and can communicate with each other.
      b. A large number of nodes, high concurrency and real-time requirements, usually at night, big pressure networks.
      c. Storage technology challenges
      d. Cloud services and cloud storage costs accounted for in the smart lighting costs too high
      e. Data mining capacity is insufficient, the value of big data for further study.
How will the future intelligent lighting go in the end? What qualifies as intelligent lighting is dimmable, 1600 colors transform, or other? For users, the current installation and use of smart home or smart lighting is not so simple. CES lighting believes that with the development of wireless smart lighting and a variety of smart home technology inventions and technical improvements, intelligent products into the future will be more families. The real intelligent lighting must be user-friendly lighting.