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Successful Jordan Factory Lighting Project

  • Author:Maggie
  • Source:CES Lighting
  • Release on :2016-02-06

This October, we have helped one of our customers in Jordan design and match lighting, finish 3D simulation lighting effect for his newly built factory project. This is a Tissue manufacturing factory covering area of 10,000 m2 with three floors, basement floor for storage and ground floor for production line and first floor for office and other areas.

Average lux requirement as:

500 lux for raw material area working place and storage area AVG 300lux.

AVG 500 lux for production line, 200 lux for office place and 50 lux for loading area and 20 lux for external side area.

Applied with LED high bay light (Apollo2 series-150w) and LED floodlight (Ultra Fin series-200w) for basement floor.


For Example: 3D lighting simulation NO.1:

One of Production areas, 4.5m height, size: 47m*58m.

Simulation result: 52pcs Apollo2-150w, AVE 522 lux

3D lighting simulation NO.2:

One of raw material working areas, 5m height, size 39m*45m

Simulation result: 25 pcs Ultra Fin-200w, AVE 339 lux.

We have also test using other different high bay or floodlight, under the same conditions, Apollo2 used less 10 pcs but also make higher 20% simulation lux effect and floodlight used less 6 pcs but also make higher 15% simulation lux. These two lights are now becoming more and more popular in the commercial lighting or industrial lighting for its high lighting effect, superior raw material driver, LED, housing fixtures, heating dissipation and technical design.

This is a reliable demonstration for the LED high bay lights, floodlight, and street light in our customers’ projects.

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