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One Belt And One Road Led Our Export Market Into A New Blue Ocean

  • Author:Maggie
  • Source:CES Lighting
  • Release on :2016-01-25

2015 China led lighting export "One Belt And One Road" market is about $ 10 billion, an increase of 43 percent, accounting for led lighting products export ratio of about 38%. This is the focus of international cooperation in Guangdong led industry working launch ceremony of the second session of China led international competitiveness top10 press conference held recently in Foshan upload the latest data.

According to Sui Sai Wing, director of Guangdong Province semiconductor lighting industry joint innovation center introduced in 2015 in Guangdong led industry key product exports amounted to about 125 billion yuan, accounting for 42% of total exports, Guangdong led product sales to nearly 200 countries and regions, international development industry has achieved very encouraging results. He expects that with the implementation of the national strategy along the way, all the way along the export market growth will be higher than the national overall level of exports led lighting products, 2013--2020 average annual growth rate of about 58 percent, to 2020 exports of China led lighting products exit along the way about $ 53 billion, accounting for more than 50% share.

One Belt And One Road along most of the emerging economies and developing countries, to Russia, Southeast Asia and other emerging markets as represented by blue ocean of new products led exports, is an important gateway to China led enterprises to enter the Central Asian and Eastern European markets. The majority led enterprises will usher in greater development of international space. "conference, the Foreign Ministry diplomatic counselor, Guangdong International Institute for Strategic Studies Department of State visiting researcher Wuying Qin said that in the face of opportunities, industries and enterprises must Lianhaoneigong in foreign trade channels under construction, management and other aspects of its own brand a great effort, started China led brand's international reputation. Event organizers led international cooperation for presentation League Secretary-General Li Wenyu, top10 selection Closely China led international competitiveness of enterprises, eligible, companies must be outstanding export performance in the international market with strong competitiveness of enterprises. It is understood that the promotion of international cooperation led coalition organized by Guangdong Province semiconductor lighting industry joint innovation center hosted the second session of China led international competitiveness top10 contest, designed to set the industry benchmark, in recognition of its world-class brands and international influence China led outstanding enterprises, strengthen our business in the international market led competitive advantage.

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