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CES Won The Title Of "High Quality City Backbone Enterprises"

  • Author:Maggie
  • Source:CES Lighting
  • Release on :2015-09-30

In recent years, Shenzhen City has carried out the project of promoting the quality of the city, making efforts to transform the "Shenzhen Speed" to "Shenzhen Quality". It helps enterprises to face the current complex external environment and internal pressure of transformation and upgrading, and optimizes the investment environment in Shenzhen, and thus promote the stable growth of quality and sustainable development. On the morning of January21, 2014, a social concern and recognition on the first batch of "High Quality City Backbone Enterprises of Shenzhen city" and the first "High Quality City Backbone Enterprises Gold Medal" selection results, and the Shenzhen Municipal Government has held an awards ceremony in the multifunctional hall of Citizen Center. CES, as one of LED tunnel light manufacturers, won the award "High Quality City Backbone Enterprises".

CES general manager Guo Jian won the "High Quality City Backbone Enterprises Gold Medal". The gold medal is the highest honor for personal quality in Shenzhen city. The medal is awarded to the company CEO that has achieved remarkable achievements in the enterprise quality management, business performance and make outstanding contribution to create the "Shenzhen Quality" and "High Quality City" process.